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Hnry partners with Tyro to add a new payment option for Australian sole traders

We’re excited to announce a partnership between Hnry and Tyro! This partnership will open up a new online credit card payment option for Hnry’s Australian customers, making it easier than ever for them to provide excellent and flexible service to their clients. 

The partnership with Tyro represents a big opportunity for Hnry’s Australian customers to provide a wider range of payment options for their clients. 

Here’s what Hnry’s Australian customers get with Tyro

From this point forward, Hnry’s Australian customers will automatically have a “Pay Now via Credit Card” option added to any new invoices over $2 they send through the Hnry app. This option will be included as part of the Hnry service, at no extra charge to Hnry customers.

This new feature yields two key benefits for Hnry customers:

  1. Improved client relationships - by enabling clients to pay flexibly by credit card, Hnry customers will have better relationships with their clients than ever before!
  2. Better cash flow - with the expanded payment options for their clients, Hnry customers will generally get paid faster, helping them manage their cash flow more effectively

The new feature rolls out on 12 April, 2022, and will be made available immediately to all of Hnry’s customers in Australia. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  Q. What do I need to do to make the credit card payment option available on new invoices I send to my clients?

  A. Nothing. The new “Pay Now via Credit Card” option will be added automatically to any new invoices over $2 you send out of the Hnry app.

  Q. Do Hnry customers need to pay extra for this credit card option?

  A. No. Credit card payments will be available to all of Hnry’s Australian customers as part of the service (at no additional cost to the Hnry customer).

  Q. Are there any additional fees for my client?

  A. Yes. Clients who pay a Hnry invoice by credit card will pay a 1.9% fee on top of the invoice amount to cover processing costs incurred by Tyro. 

About Tyro

Tyro is a technology-focused company providing Australian businesses with payment solutions

and value-added business banking products. Tyro provides simple, flexible, and secure payment solutions for more than 61,000 Australian customers and processed more than $25.5 billion in transaction value in FY21.

The business was founded in 2003 with a goal of being the most efficient acquirer of electronic payments in Australia, and is now Australia’s fifth largest merchant acquiring bank by number of EFTPOS machines in the market, behind the four major banks.

Payments are at the core of Tyro’s business, using its proprietary core technology platform to enable credit and debit card payments. This offering is enhanced by features designed for those customers who choose to partner with Tyro, including Point of Sale and Practice Management Software systems integrations and least-cost routing (Tap & Save).

Tyro has a team of more than 600 people, approximately half of whom are in technology roles. 


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