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Never think about tax again

Accountant and tax automation tool for sole traders

What you get with Hnry…

1. Automatic tax calculations and payments

Whenever you get paid into your Hnry Account, we will instantly calculate and pay your:

  • Income tax
  • GST
  • Medicare
  • Student loan
…before passing the rest to your personal bank account straight away!

2. Full access to the Hnry app

With the Hnry app, you can:

  • Send unlimited invoices to your clients (we’ll even chase your unpaid invoices)
  • Raise business expenses (just snap a photo and enter a few details)
  • Get insights to optimise your business’s finances
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3. The new Hnry Debit Card

We’ve made claiming tax deductions even easier with the Hnry Debit Card. Simply:

  1. Tap your Hnry Debit Card anywhere that accepts VISA (in store via your digital wallet, or online) to make your business purchases.
  2. Snap and upload a picture of the receipt and we'll automatically raise this as a business expense in the Hnry app.
  3. Confirm the details, throw that receipt away and we'll manage the rest!

4. We become your accountant

Our team of (real human) accountants will:

  • Lodge your income tax and BAS returns whenever they’re due
  • Manage your expenses whenever you raise them, so you get tax relief as you go
  • Give personalised answers to your gnarliest tax questions


Our awards

Want to get up and running with Hnry?

It’s super easy to get started and only takes a few minutes! Need a little extra help? Check out our handy guide to get you set up and running in just three simple steps.

Only pay when you’re earning!

We charge a 1% +GST fee on income paid into your Hnry Account. For this, you get full access to the Hnry service, with no joining fees or subscription costs. We won’t charge you by the hour to answer your questions, manage your expense receipts or lodge your tax returns - so you’re always paying a fair price, and only paying as you earn. Here’s how our pricing works:

  • You pay just $1+ GST from every $100 in self-employed income you earn.
  • The Hnry’s 1% fee is capped at a maximum of $1,500 per year.
  • If you receive individual payments of under $50, a minimum fee of $0.50 per payment applies.
  • We automatically claim your Hnry fees for you as a business expense.