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Place contractors faster

Hnry helps recruiters place contractors faster - with less risk and at no cost

Place contractorsquickly and easily

Keep contractors contracting

Hnry helps you quickly place contractors by giving them peace of mind on all their tax and financial obligations.Stop fielding tough questions from anxious contractors - we’ll get them set up and compliant in seconds!Hnry customers are free of stress and therefore much more likely seek out additional contract work.

Hnry costs you nothing

For recruiters, Hnry removes a huge amount of time spent on admin - questions, paperwork, contracts - at no cost to you. Our 1% fee comes directly from the contractors whenever they get paid. Recruiters pay nothing but get ALL the benefits!

No more payroll headaches

Hnry handles all of your contractors’ tax and financial admin, so you don’t have to think about payrolling them yourself. No more additional paperwork. No more tax questions from contractors. No more compliance issues.

Free webinars and training sessions

We’re always running webinars and training sessions for contractors and recruiters. These sessions:

  • help contractors understand their obligations, and
  • provide recruiters with industry trends and insights into the current labour market

Here’s how it works
  1. Your candidates sign up to Hnry, and provide you their unique Hnry Account details
  2. Whenever you pay into their Hnry Account, we immediately calculate, deduct, and pay ALL their taxes
  3. We pass the rest on to them after deducting our 1% fee
  4. They also get UNLIMITED use of the entire Hnry service and our expert accounting team
  5. We work with our partners to provide free education and support, so you never have to worry about your contractors again

Hnry costs youNOTHING

We deduct our 1% fee directly from the contractors - whenever you pay them.

Hnry (Australia) Pty. Limited is a registeredtax agent with the Australian Tax Practitioners Board