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Hnry Debit Cards | Never miss a tax deduction again

Research shows that a whopping 42% of sole traders with business expenses don’t claim all the tax deductions they’re entitled to. That’s an average of $5,611 in unclaimed deductions per sole trader, per financial year – which is straight up mind-blowing.
So we’re pretty excited to announce the launch of Hnry Debit Cards – a neat little tool to help capture and claim every business expense, and get you that sweet, sweet tax relief as you go.

Hnry Debit Cards work like a normal virtual Visa debit card, only they’re directly connected to your Hnry Account. Every time you use your card to purchase a business expense, a new expense is raised under the “Expenses” tab. Once you upload your purchase receipt and add a few details, the expense will be managed to get you the right tax relief on the go.

Easy as!

Best of all, Hnry Debit Cards are included as part of the 1% Hnry fee (capped at $1,500 +GST) – no sign-up costs, no extra bank fees.

With Hnry Debit Cards, it’s now easier than ever to keep track of and claim business expenses. Never miss a tax deduction again!

Hnry Debit Card dashboard

Why use a Hnry Debit Card?

Great question! You know how when you make a business purchase, you have to keep the receipt? For five years (as required by the ATO)?

And then at the end of the financial year, you then have to dig out all these receipts again and figure out what you’re claiming, when you bought it, and for how much? And add all these details to your tax return? Before calculating the final amount of tax you owe?

Yeah, not fun. Enter Hnry Debit Cards.

With Hnry Debit Cards:

  • All your business transactions will be recorded in one place
  • Expense claims are raised automatically with each purchase, ready for you to upload the receipt and add a few last details
  • You can then forget about that receipt – we store it for you for the required five years. No receipt-box-of-sadness necessary.
  • All your raised expenses get managed for you by the brilliant and devastatingly attractive Hnry team. We’ll lodge it all with your tax return, and you’ll get the tax relief in real time. 

If you’re already an avid Hnry User, who doesn’t have to worry about doing their own taxes, a Hnry Debit Card still makes it easier to get all the tax deductions you’re eligible for.

It’s like becoming a Pokémon master – gotta claim ‘em all!

How Hnry Debit Cards work

Hnry Debit Cards are powered by Visa, and are currently virtual cards only. You can use your Hnry Debit Card details to shop online, or add them to your Apple Wallet or Google Wallet to complete your transactions in store.

To get started using Hnry Debit Cards, you’ll need to:

  1. Access your card details
  2. Add your card to Apple Wallet or Google Wallet
  3. Top up your Hnry Debit Card (via your Hnry Account)

1. Accessing your Hnry Debit Card details

Your card details can be accessed from your Hnry Dashboard. In the “Hnry Debit Card” module, click on “Reveal”.

Accessing your Hnry Debit Card details

This takes you to the “Overview” page. There you’ll find your virtual card details, with the numbers hidden by Xs. This is a safety feature – we don’t want your numbers falling into the wrong hands!

💡 For security reasons, the Hnry team can’t access your card details. We’ll also never ask for them.

To access the hidden details, click the “Reveal Details” button under the image of your card. This will reveal some of your numbers, but not all of them. We’ll text you the remaining crossed-out numbers.

Revealing your Hnry Debit Card details

Now you’ll be able to see all your Hnry Debit Card details, but for security reasons, they’ll be displayed in two separate places.

If you’re going to be using your card details a lot, you can add them to your Google Wallet, or Apple Wallet, or keep them somewhere else that’s secure – just remember to guard it with your life! Or at the very least, your dog. Definitely not a goldfish.

2. Add your card to Apple Wallet or Google Wallet

Once you have your details in hand, you can add your virtual card to your Apple Wallet or Google Wallet on your phone.

For more information on how to do this, check out this Apple Pay tutorial, or the this Google Wallet tutorial.

3. Top up your card

Hnry Debit Cards draw funds from your Hnry Account, not your personal bank account. This means that you have to top up your Hnry Debit Card before using it to make a purchase.

Usually, every time you get paid, we automatically calculate, deduct, and pay your taxes, and pass on the rest straight to your personal bank account. BUT if you want to use a Hnry Debit Card, you’ll need to make sure that there are funds left in your Hnry Account available for you to use.

There are two main ways to do this (both accessed via the “Manage funds” button in the Dashboard module).

Topping up your Hnry Debit Card

1. Top up by bank transfer

To top up by bank transfer, you’ll need to transfer funds from your personal bank account to your Hnry Account.

💡 Funds need to be transferred from the personal bank account registered to your Hnry Account. Otherwise, transferred funds may be processed as a client payment!

You’ll need to:

  1. Include the reference “Card top up”
  2. Make the payee name
    • your first initial
    • your last name
    • and include “(via Hnry)” at the end
  3. Use your Hnry Account number as the bank account number

… and you’re done!

💡 Make your top ups even easier by saving these details as a payee in your banking app (including the reference, if you can). For extra points, you can set up an automatic payment so you’ll never be caught short!

Adding funds to your Hnry Debit Card

2. Top up by Allocation

Keep it all automatic by creating an Allocation in the Hnry App!

Use the “Create Allocation” button on the “Manage funds” page to automatically keep a set percentage of every pay in your Hnry Account, ready to be spent on business purchases.

Using your Hnry Debit Card

Using your Hnry Debit Card is as simple as tap, snap, and confirm.


When making a business purchase, use your Hnry Debit Card to make purchases in store through your Apple Wallet or Google Wallet.

Simply tap your card against a Tap to Pay terminal the way you would any other card, and you’re good to go!

(Or tap your card details into an online payment page – whatever floats your boat.)

Tap to pay with your Hnry Debit Card


Snap a quick pic of your receipt, and upload it to the new expense that’s just been raised for your purchase in the Hnry App (under the “Expenses” tab).

Snap a photo of your receipt

Then – and this is important – never think about that receipt again.


Add the final few details – like the cost of the purchase, and if it’s GST inclusive – to your raised business expense, before hitting “Submit”.

That’s it. Expense raised. We’re all done here!

Confirm some details to finish claiming an expense

Other important Features

Withdraw Funds

If you need to access your Hnry Debit Card funds, for whatever reason, you can request to “Withdraw Funds” via the button on the “Manage funds” page.

First, click the “Manage funds” button in the Dashboard module.Then click “Request Withdrawal” in the “Withdraw Funds” drop down. Easy!

Withdrawing funds from your Hnry Debit Card

Block this card

If your card details are compromised, you can apply a temporary block to your card like any other debit card.

  1. Click the “Freeze” button in the Hnry Debit Card module on the Dashboard.
  2. Then turn on the toggle under “Block this card”.

Cancel card

And if it’s really not working out for you, for whatever reason, you can cancel you Hnry Debit Card. This option is also available on the same “Freeze” page.

Cancelling your Hnry Debit Card

Tax deductions made easy with Hnry Debit Cards

We’re on a mission to make sure that sole traders never again leave a tax deduction unclaimed.

That’s why we created Hnry Debit Cards – to make purchasing, raising, and claiming business expenses easier than ever before.

With Hnry Debit Cards:

  • Expenses are raised as you go
  • Deductions are claimed as you go – so you get that sweet tax relief in real time
  • No more pile of receipts stashed around the place

Best of all, there are no extra subscription/bank fees.

And don’t forget – on top of keeping track of all your business expenses, we automatically calculate, deduct, and pay your:

AND lodge your tax, GST, and BAS returns – all for 1% (+GST) of your self-employed income, capped at $1,500 annually.

So if you’re ready to give cards a whirl…

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