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Support from expert accountants

Our expert services team can handle your financial complexity, letting you focus on what you do best.

Expert tax support team

Hnry can take care of all of your personal tax affairs, to ensure you're always paying the right amount of all your taxes. Hnry can even support you if you have more complex tax affairs, as an additional service through our Expert Service team.

Limited Company Tax Lodgements

We can help you wind down a registered business, lodge your final financial statements and producing your final tax return.

Foreign Investment Funds (FIF)

Have investments in offshore companies or trusts? Our finance team can help you sort out the tax implications.

Trust and Partnership Income

Our team can handle income earned through a trust, partnership, or look-through company (LTC).

Investment Income

Have investments that pay dividends? Our team can handle the income from these, and ensure that you're taxed accordingly. We can even help if you have an overseas rental property.

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