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Never miss a tax deduction again

The Hnry Debit Card is here.

The new Hnry Debit Card is here

Use the Hnry Debit Card to automatically raise business expenses as you spend. Add it to your digital wallet and use it anywhere that accepts VISA (in store and online), to get instant tax relief.Activate your card today.

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Tap Use your Hnry Debit Card anywhere that accepts VISA (in store via your digital wallet, or online) to make your business purchases.
Snap We'll automatically raise this as a business expense in the Hnry app - so just snap and upload a picture of the receipt, and check the details are correct.
Confirm And that’s it! Confirm the details and throw that receipt away - your deduction will be managed by our team of accountants to get you maximum tax relief!

Never think about an expense claim again

It takes less than two minutes to activate your card.

How does it work?

We’ve created the Hnry Debit card to help sole traders, like yourself, capture and claim every business expense - giving you immediately tax relief on the go.