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2019 RCSA TechExpo: James Fuller Talks Portfolio Careers

This week, Hnry co-founder and CEO, James Fuller addressed the Recruitment, Consulting and Staffing Association (RCSA) New Zealand, at their annual TechXpo in Auckland. RCSA is New Zealand and Australia’s leading industry body in recruitment and staffing, representing over 3,000 Corporate and Individual Members.


James spoke to a sizeable crowd of recruitment and employment professionals about portfolio careers and the “future of work”. 

“We’re seeing more people with ‘portfolio careers’ across a diverse range of skills. Attitudes towards careers are changing, with more New Zealanders seeking variety in their work life, and opting for ‘portfolio careers’ which enable a person to have a series of jobs over shorter periods of time, rather than permanent employment,” James said.

“The ‘gig economy’ isn’t just Uber and Airbnb - it’s actually independent earners and is a much larger group than people think i.e. around 15% of the NZ population earn independently. They could be freelancers, contractors, consultants, sole traders or self employed.”

Events from earlier in the day included a panel discussion on disruptions in the recruitment industry featuring Madison Recruitment’s Kerrie Gregory, Find Recruitment’s Pete Thompson, Robert Walters’ Yvonne Tay-Corbett, and Agoge’s Andrew Nicol; a Tech Pitchfest featuring iclue, Referoo, Sourcr, CheckPlease; a talk from Indeed’s Jay Munro; and a series of innovation roundtables. 

Check out the press release to find out more about the event and portfolio careers.

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