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Hnry vs Traditional Accountants

See how Hnry is better for sole traders than traditional accountants

Here’s the thing - comparing Hnry and a traditional accountant is like comparing apples and oranges.

Traditional accountants offer you the assistance to help you cover your basic tax admin needs. Hnry, on the other hand, is totally different (and a world first, just quietly). What we offer gives new meaning to ‘all-in-one’ solution, because our service covers what others can’t.

Hnry vs Traditional Accountants? Here are the benefits to using Hnry

We automatically pay and file taxes, provide a service for admin management, and become your accountant. In short – we get it done, so sole traders never have to think about tax again.

Raise expenses
Raise expenses easily - our team of expert accountants will manage them and get you the right tax relief.

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Why is Hnry ideal for sole traders?

Hnry has been designed to give sole traders everything they needed. We’re not fancy, overcomplicated software that’s designed to make it easier on your accountant, we’re not just a simple admin management system, and we don't have multiple levels of subscriptions that limit you from features. None of the fluff, we just get it all done for you — simple.

What You Need Hnry Traditional Accountant
Taxes calculated and paid automatically Yes No
Tax returns (including GST) filed by accountants Yes Yes
Raise Expenses Yes No
Expenses managed by accountants Yes Yes
Send quotes and invoices Yes No
Transaction reconcilation Yes No
Accept credit card payment Yes No
Receive payments via an mPOS Terminal Yes No
Unlimited support from accountants Yes - at no extra cost Usually charged by the hour

What you get with Hnry as your accountant

  • All your taxes calculated and paid as you go.
  • All your income tax & GST returns filed by Hnry's accountants.
  • Unlimited invoices and expense claims.
  • Expenses managed by Hnry's accountants.
  • Clients can pay by credit card at no extra cost to you.
  • All transactions reconciled automatically.
You get all of this for just 1% + GST of your self-employed income (capped at $1,500/year).

It’s easy to switch to Hnry

There’s no need to wait for the end of a tax year - we make it simple and seamless to make the switch to Hnry. Whether you’re doing it all yourself, or you’re using a mix of software, spreadsheets and an accountant. Stop taking it all on yourself, and have Hnry do it all for you. In minutes you can be up and running with Hnry - and finally get peace of mind that your tax payments are always up-to-date.